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Building, programming, and flying their first drone can be an exciting journey for your little pilots.


Your child will build his/her first computer and program it using raspberry pi.


Arduino is an open-source microcontroller, that allows the teenagers to build and program unlimited real-life projects, such as a balanced robot, small irrigation system, line follower robot.

3D Printer

Introduce your child to 3D printing technology and how to use it and build his first DIY 3D printer.


The most famous children programming language, that teaches children the basics and advanced programming concepts.

About us

Robobasic is a project where children and teenagers in Turkey have the space to train on how to build and program the most advanced educational robots and understand new technological concepts using LEGO educational robots (WeDo 2.0 and EV3).

Our aim is to empower the new generation in order to understand future technology and how/where to use them. Adding a great value to the future career of these participants to get the best future jobs and raise the scientific and economic level of their country.

As a tool: Robotics can boost students soft skills like problem-solving, teamwork, creativity, and technical knowledge in an engaging way.

Tamim Kbarh General Manager

He has a bachelor degree in Business Administration, Tamim worked for five years with NGOs as a program officer for the community-based projects.

Khaled Fattal Robotic specialist

He is a computer science engineer and a robot trainer since 2010. He trained almost 600 children/teenagers. A manager of a MakerSpace, and interested in 3D printing, robotics, drones, and laser cutting. Up-Graduate master degree in strategic leadership and management online

Ahmad AL Masri Robotic specialist

He is a computer science student, He worked as a robotic trainer for 3 years with many companies, trained over 400 child and trained trainers in many countries in the middle east. Interested in Artificial Intelligence, Racing Drones, Physics, Astronomy and Machine Learning.

Orhan Sahin Marketing Manager

He has a bachelor degree in social work from Atatürk University, Orhan worked one year at the Ministry of Family and Social Policy as a program officer for a child protection project, an elderly people project, support martyr and war veteran families. Also, Orhan worked as a Manager assistant at the elderly care center in Gaziantep. Now Orhan is working as a social services specialist in Turkish organizations in Gaziantep as a volunteer.

Why Robotics?

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Adress İncili Pınar Mahallesi, +90 Gaziantep